Beauty Is The Beholding: a Rose by an Other Name by BLAKE SHANLEY


56 luxe elucidation cards of stunning roses and an inspired 228-page corresponding guidebook nestled perfectly in a gorgeous box.

Like suede in your hands and honey in your soul. 

This guidebook offers a series of glimmering pathways to higher ground. An illuminated and holistic approach to better understanding of Your Self and Others. An invitation to dig deeper into Your Own patterns, processes and belief systems so you can choose your next steps more intuitively, more thoughtfully and more potently. A multidimensional mirror into the Truth and Wholeness of Who You/We Are, and a well-seasoned recipe book for a Life of boundless Love.

All photography and book written by Tiny Taiga Owner | Artist Blake Shanley

Just released May 15th, 2024 

Pickup available at Tiny Taiga Santa Fe

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